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At Pret in herstel we know how important it is to receive the right care. By this we mean the care that is tailored to you and is what you actually need at that time. We think it is important that you can manage it yourself, so you can choose which care you would like to receive. This is why Pret launched an online portal for the various types of care that you, as our client, may need. Through this portal we can refer clients to the various healthcare providers in the municipality of The Hague and others throughout the country. The referral, of course, depends on the specific care demand for which we will consult you.


Always a trajectory that suits you

Pret in herstel is a twelve-step institution and you can choose to follow your path with us. We can also refer you to our various partners. Do you prefer not to follow a twelve-step program? Then we can also refer you to other types of healthcare providers. Our aim is to always offer you a trajectory that suits your needs. From detox treatment to supervision and from daytime activities to accommodation and sheltered living, everything is possible.

How does it work?

The moment you are ready to actively get started with your addiction and recovery, you can contact us through our online portal. Then we request a treatment plan for you from your municipality of origin. To date we can submit requests at the municipality of The Hague, Leiden, Oegstgeest, Zoeterwoude Dorp, Delft and Rijswijk. In consultation with you we will select the care you would like to receive: what suits your needs best and where you would be able to achieve the best results. 
Then the detox will be arranged and set into motion by the clinic. After the detox you can go to the clinic directly. Here we will select the aftercare of your choice in order to receive it at your return. For example, on return from the clinic you can immediately continue with the appropriate aftercare program to reduce the chance of a relapse. When you are ready, you go back to your own living environment (with or without ambulant care) or you can stay in a protected living environment.

Tailor-made care plan

The above is an example of how a trajectory could proceed. Of course it is possible to entirely tailor it to your situation and wishes:

  1. You can contact us through the online portal of Pret in herstel
  2. We request an appropriate trajectory from the municipality
  3. Together we choose which care you would like to receive
  4. We approach the clinic
  5. The clinic arranges the detox
  6. Together we choose which aftercare you would like to receive and start this process
  7. You return home or proceed your trajectory in protected living

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